Walking Tour

Workshop participants joined guide and Founding Research Director of the Museum of Jewish Montreal Stephanie Tara Schwartz on the Work Upon Arrival (WUA) tour, which was first developed as a digital walking tour by the Museum of Jewish Montreal in 2014 based on oral histories collected in the 1970s by Seemah Berson in her book I Have a Story to Tell You. The tour was later reinterpreted as the Museum’s first pop up exhibit Parkley Clothes: 1937. Stephanie Schwartz guided participants on the physical version of this tour developed for Jane’s Walks. En route, participants tested a variety of interpretive tools used in the digital and physical version of the tour. In addition, given the historical and contemporary presence of Indigenous people on the terrain traversed by the tour, participants were invited to discuss, among other questions: how can the story of early 20th c. Jewish immigrants productively intersect with Indigenous stories past and present?  

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