Museum Queeries involves scholars, curators, educators, artists and activists, and uses an intersectional approach to think through ways in which gender, sexuality, race, class, ability, religion, ethnicity, and national identities are inter-implicated in the museum and in museumgoers’ points of contact with the museum. In positing “queeries” to/about/with museums we not only address the museum’s representation of gender and sexuality; we also challenge normative formations including white privilege, racism and settler colonialism, among other systems of oppression, as they operate alongside and with transphobia and homophobia. Toward this we aim to prioritize decolonizing and anti-racist methodologies, and perspectives by Two-Spirit people, Indigenous LGBTQ people, and LGBTQ people of colour. We are based in Winnipeg on Treaty One Territory, homeland of the Metis nation, with members from across Turtle Island.

This working group emerges from a collaboration between the University of Winnipeg’s Cultural Studies Research Group (CSRG) and Thinking through the Museum (TTTM).

If you are interested in learning more about our project, or have any questions please contact our Research Coordinator Lauren Bosc (l.bosc@uwinnipeg.ca) or project leaders Heather Milne (h.milne@uwinnipeg.ca) and Angela Failler (a.failler@uwinnipeg.ca).